Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday party ideas for 8 year old boys

Eight year old boys are so much fun, they are athletic, loud, competitive, and full of energy.
With a little imagination and not a lot of effort from your part, you can have a wonderful party for your child that will be remember for years among his friends.
First you might want to think of a theme, it doesn't have to be a character or activity oriented, it can be anything that shows off your kids personality, like sports, books... or you can be more creative and choose a theme like a favorite color, if he likes green, make it a green all over party, green beverages, cake, decorations.. you get the idea.

keep the decorations simple, kids this age don't want a room filled with balloons, it's "not cool any more mom"

Now the tricky part... How to entertain a bunch of 8 year old boys? well first of all you don't want to have them inside the house, outdoor works best, so offer some activities that will keep them busy, competing and active. Games like tag, races or an obstacle course will do the trick, for a low budget party, if you want to spend a little bit more, there are amazing rentals that will be the talk or the party like:

Rock Climbing Wall: They have 4 stations in various levels and there are tons of games you can play, from relay races to timing competition, make sure to have a trophy or special price for the winner.

Obstacle Courses: This inflatable structures can fit in almost every back yard and provide hours of fun and energy burning, play as teams, individuals or just let them be.

Mini Golf: this is the perfect game for a portable mini golf than can be set up indoor or outdoors, 8 yr olds have the skills and patience to go through a 9 hole course and enjoy every bit of it.

Slot Car Races: For a smaller party this is the ultimate crowd pleaser, not only the kids will go crazy, but the parents will enjoy competing and playing as well.

Dunk Tank Booth: If you have a summer party, this is on the top of our list, what can be more fun than dunking your best friend, your dad, your mom or the birthday boy?

Concessions: Don't forget the fun food, rent a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, and let them roll the sugar cloud by themselves, if it's hot get a sno cone machine. They'll be snacking and happy.

We are sure one of these ideas will be perfect for your "big" guy celebration.

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