Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cheap Bounce House Rentals | Insider's Secrets

Cheap Bounce House Rentals are the perfect option for a budget kid's party, because in one hand, you won't be spending a lot of money on entertainment and on the other you will get hours of entertainment and -hopefully- tired and happy kids by the end of the event.

While Bounce houses and inflatables are usually the cheapest party rentals, you can easily go over your budget if you decide to get all the "extras" or what people usually refer to as "bells and whistles".

Here are some secrets from the Party Rental Industry that you won't see anywhere else.  Why are we sharing them with you?  Well, because we want your business fair and square and we love satisfied customers that will return to us and will pay just what is fair.

Insider's Secrets to get Cheap Bounce House Rentals
So, if you are looking for a cheap bounce house rental or inflatable rental this is what you have to do:

*Forget about the themed bounce houses, trust me the kids don't care if it looks like a castle or if it has a picture of your favorite character,  they will probably be spending a lot of time inside where all bounce houses look the same.  After all, the bounce house is the same generic one only with a Velcro top with the printed theme that can cost you up to $50 dollars extra. So make sure to ask for the basic generic bounce house and you will be getting the best price.

Save by renting Combo Units with space for Bouncing and a Slide
*Want a little bit more than just the jumper or bounce house, but think that maybe a bounce house and an inflatable slide is a bit too much? Go for the Bounce and Slide Combo Unit, this type of equipment is half bounce house and half slide, that way you won't have to rent both and be charged separately for each.

*Still have some money on your budget? Try to add another rental... most of the companies will have a special if you rent two games or more, in our case, you can get a great price if you are renting the trackless train or the rock climbing wall and just add a bounce house or a moonwalk, you will be saving almost half of the jumper rental just by pairing it with one of our biggest rentals.

*And finally don't be ashamed to ask for current promotions, most reputable companies will negotiate with you for a fair price and sometimes they can give you a discount on a current special, you just have to be flexible and I am sure you will be happy with your deal.

At Extreme Climbing Party Rentals, we will work with you until you are happy, really, our commitment to our customers and their complete satisfaction is our priority... you are the people who make our business possible and we appreciate that.

So just give us a call next time you have an event and I can assure that if you decide to rent from us, you won't regret it.

Call us! (713) 291 5579

or even better, visit our website at where you can see pictures and get the information you need to make the right choice from our equipment for your next party.

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