Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kids Summer Birthday Party Ideas in Houston

Living in Houston is always hard to come up with good Summer Birthday Party Ideas, since it gets so hot outdoors and indoor places are usually booked from months before and honestly, who wants to celebrate indoors when it's SUMMER!

We have two wonderful kids and yes!, both are Summer babies, one is from July and the other one from August and every year, for many years it was a challenge to come up with good ideas for their birthday parties where people can really enjoy and have fun without melting.

Now that we have this amazing party business, we know that there are many many families in the same position, they want to do something fun and outdoors, but don't know how to beat the heat.

So here we have a few tried and tested ideas we've done for ourselves and for other families, where everybody had a great time and none of the guests melted in the process.
Snow cones houston
Snow Cones are a great way to keep your guests cool and hydrated

First you want to keep everybody hydrated, specially the kids, and you know that sometimes it's hard to make them stop what they're doing to drink water, so the best solution for that is to Rent a Snow Cone Machine, these machines are extremely affordable and a lot of fun.  They are also super easy to operate so you do not need to hire an attendant, any responsible teenager or volunteer adult can handle it. Kids and adults love them and everybody will be around it until they've tried every single flavor.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cheap Bounce House Rentals | Insider's Secrets

Cheap Bounce House Rentals are the perfect option for a budget kid's party, because in one hand, you won't be spending a lot of money on entertainment and on the other you will get hours of entertainment and -hopefully- tired and happy kids by the end of the event.

While Bounce houses and inflatables are usually the cheapest party rentals, you can easily go over your budget if you decide to get all the "extras" or what people usually refer to as "bells and whistles".

Here are some secrets from the Party Rental Industry that you won't see anywhere else.  Why are we sharing them with you?  Well, because we want your business fair and square and we love satisfied customers that will return to us and will pay just what is fair.

Insider's Secrets to get Cheap Bounce House Rentals
So, if you are looking for a cheap bounce house rental or inflatable rental this is what you have to do:

*Forget about the themed bounce houses, trust me the kids don't care if it looks like a castle or if it has a picture of your favorite character,  they will probably be spending a lot of time inside where all bounce houses look the same.  After all, the bounce house is the same generic one only with a Velcro top with the printed theme that can cost you up to $50 dollars extra. So make sure to ask for the basic generic bounce house and you will be getting the best price.

Save by renting Combo Units with space for Bouncing and a Slide
*Want a little bit more than just the jumper or bounce house, but think that maybe a bounce house and an inflatable slide is a bit too much? Go for the Bounce and Slide Combo Unit, this type of equipment is half bounce house and half slide, that way you won't have to rent both and be charged separately for each.

*Still have some money on your budget? Try to add another rental... most of the companies will have a special if you rent two games or more, in our case, you can get a great price if you are renting the trackless train or the rock climbing wall and just add a bounce house or a moonwalk, you will be saving almost half of the jumper rental just by pairing it with one of our biggest rentals.

*And finally don't be ashamed to ask for current promotions, most reputable companies will negotiate with you for a fair price and sometimes they can give you a discount on a current special, you just have to be flexible and I am sure you will be happy with your deal.

At Extreme Climbing Party Rentals, we will work with you until you are happy, really, our commitment to our customers and their complete satisfaction is our priority... you are the people who make our business possible and we appreciate that.

So just give us a call next time you have an event and I can assure that if you decide to rent from us, you won't regret it.

Call us! (713) 291 5579

or even better, visit our website at where you can see pictures and get the information you need to make the right choice from our equipment for your next party.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rock Climbing Wall for Parties in Houston

A lot of people call us to get a Rock Climbing Wall for their parties in Houston, and most of them have the same questions... like what is the right age for climbing, how many kids can climb at a time, what are the weight and age restrictions, can we set up on grass or pavement?

So that is why we decided to create a little post to answer those and other questions you might have about our Rock climbing walls, and please, if I miss one of your questions feel free to write it on the comments section and I will be happy to answer it for you.

Our Rock Walls are 24 Feet Tall

So, what is the right age for the rock wall? 
Usually kids are ready to climb it and go all the way up by the time they turn 5, now, with that said, I've seen kids as young as 3 getting all the way to the top, and on the other side, I've seen adults that barely make it half way up! If you are thinking to have the Rock wall as the main entertainment for your party I would say that kids 5 and older really enjoy it and will spend hours going up and down.

Do you need any previous experience or particular skills to climb the rock wall?
No, not previous experience and not particular skills are necessary, our walls are set up with 4 different levels, one for each lane, and they go from extremely easy, with plenty of rocks to hold on, to a more challenging lane, still easy enough for first timers to get all the way up and enjoy the climb. Our attendants are always on the look for the right level for each participant, so everybody enjoys it and have fun.

How many kids or participants can climb at a time?
Each one of our rock walls have 4 lanes and they can all be used at the same time, on average about 120 participants can climb the wall in one hour, that makes it a perfect rental not only for parties, but also for Festivals and Carnivals and it is also one of the most successful fund raisers booths at any event.

Are there Age and Weight restrictions?
The minimum age to climb is 3 and you cannot weigh more than 250 pounds to be able to climb. As with any other equipment or game that requires physical exercise, participants must be in good health and for obvious reasons not be scared, or would I say -not too scared- of heights.

Are there any restrictions as to where the Rock Wall can set up?
Our Rock Walls are attached to a trailer that lifts them up at set up time, so we can practically set up anywhere where you can drive a trailer, we have done it many times at parks, garages, on the street side, school patios and even indoors at gyms or arenas. All that is needed is an 8' x 16' flat footprint where we can drive to.

How long will it take to set up, will I be charged for the set up time?
It takes only 15 minutes for our staff to set up the wall and for it to be ready for your event, and you will not pay for set up or pick up time, only for the actual climbing time that you agreed at the time of your reservation.

How safe is it?
Good question! Our Mobile Climbing Rock Walls are the newest in the industry, every participant is securely strapped to a harness by one of our trained staff attendants and with the outo-belay system it allows you to climb at your own pace, without a spotter and then being safely returned to the ground by the most reliable fall arrest device.  in Extreme Climbing Party Rentals, we are fully insured, State inspected and we maintain our walls in top shape, inspecting them for each event and changing our steel cables every year no matter how much they are used.

Is it Fun?
Well, from our experience with thousands and thousands of people that have climb our portable rock walls I can say a definite YES!, but the best part is that this is a question that you can answer for yourself at your next event, and then you just have to let me know!

Now you have a better idea of how this Portable Rock Climbing Wall Rental goes, if you still have a question, please leave a comment, or even better, if you've climbed one before, share with us your experience, it is always fun an interesting to hear how it goes for different people.

I'm including a little video with pictures of some of our events so you can see why we think a Rock Wall is a great feature for your next kids birthday party, school festival, church function or special event.  And remember, we are here to help you make your event special, ask us as many questions as you want, even if they have nothing to do with the party rentals and equipment, we have done so many events in Houston, big and small that we are happy to share what we've learned, even if you don't get your rentals from us... Really!

Just give us a call...  713 291 5579
Or drop us a line at
Remember, we service Houston and Surrounding Areas

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bounce House Safety Rules

Bounce House or Inflatable Games Safety Rules
While this rules are intended for the person responsible for the rental, it is also a great idea that you Print This Paper (you can do it with the button at the end of the post), gather together all the kids in your party and read the safety rules to them so you can all be in the same page.
1) The most important rule of all is that you should NEVER use the Bounce House as a Baby Sitter, with that said, children must be supervised at all times.

2) Children must be separated by age groups, only kids from the same age may play on the bounce house at the same time. Children different sizes and ages should not be mixed.

3) No shoes are allowed inside the Bounce House or inflatable game, participants should also empty their pockets and leave outside any sharp objects or other items like jewelery, sun or prescription glasses

4) Bounce Houses are designed for children, and are not recommended for adults, each Inflatable Game has the weight limit and maximum amount of children printed on the side.

5) The maximum number of children allowed in the standard 13 X 13 Bounce House is:

  • Ages 2 to 8  - 8 children maximum

  • Ages 9 to 13  - 6 children maximum

  • Ages 14 to 17  - 4 children maximum

6) No bouncing against the walls and no flips, somersaults or horseplay

7) No food, drinks or silly string inside.

8) Do not use the bounce house during rain or excessive wind (more than 25 miles per hour)

And in case the Bounce house deflates, calmly take the kids out, check that the outlet cord is connected and check that the tubes are properly tied, you can easily re-tie them if necessary.

Follow this simple safety rules and you will be able to enjoy a stress free event while keeping everybody safe and having a good time... Enjoy! 

You can print this page as it is (including picture, headers and footers with the following button, or you can go to this link to choose exactly what you want to print)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dunk Tank booths are always fun!

So I was recording one of my kids at the dunk tank booth while he was attempting to dunk a young boy scout in one of our dunking machines at their fundraiser in Bellaire, but his aim was not that good that day, so he was really not able to dunk him, and inside of me I was kind of getting worried at how he might take the disappointment.

But I love the fact that the kids from the boy scouts troop were in such a great mood for their event that even when the kids were not able to hit the target, they were giving them the opportunity to get close to the dunk tank and just dunk them by pressing the button.

A really sweet gesture, that I'm sure was thanked by many parents of young kids.
Kudos for the Houston Boy Scouts!

Here is the video...
As always I will let you know that you can get this dunk tank or any other rental for your event by calling us, emailing us or online by visiting our website, it is always an honor for us to be able to help at your celebrations

Inflatalbe rentals in Houston

Hi, I was putting together a little slideshow with some of the best inflatable rentals that we have here in Houston, it is short and by looking at it, you can get a good idea of some of the things we have available for your next party or special event.

So this is just a little sample, but it has the basic bounce house, obstacle course, some interactive games and even some slides. Remember that if you want to see all the inflatables that we have available I would recommend you to visit our website directly.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer kids games ideas and entertainment

Hi everybody!

This Summer has been pretty awesome for us, we've had lots of work, healthy kids, lots of opportunities for family time and yes! Hot days in the Houston weather, but we love them!, and we thought it might be nice to have some suggestions for your Hot Houston Summer days and fun activities to do with the kids.

Our games and equipment is not only for kids parties or special events, with our prices, you can get together for a fun BBQ with a couple of friends and get a Water slide for the whole day, the kids will be entertained for hours, and you will have time to catch up with your friends and make lots and lots of memories in the process.

How are you spending your Summer, are you having fun yet? Make a purpose of making fun memories for your kids and family to remember for years to come, and it will be our honor to help you with our games and equipment.

So here you go, these are our Top picks for Summer entertainment in Houston.