Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kids Summer Birthday Party Ideas in Houston

Living in Houston is always hard to come up with good Summer Birthday Party Ideas, since it gets so hot outdoors and indoor places are usually booked from months before and honestly, who wants to celebrate indoors when it's SUMMER!

We have two wonderful kids and yes!, both are Summer babies, one is from July and the other one from August and every year, for many years it was a challenge to come up with good ideas for their birthday parties where people can really enjoy and have fun without melting.

Now that we have this amazing party business, we know that there are many many families in the same position, they want to do something fun and outdoors, but don't know how to beat the heat.

So here we have a few tried and tested ideas we've done for ourselves and for other families, where everybody had a great time and none of the guests melted in the process.
Snow cones houston
Snow Cones are a great way to keep your guests cool and hydrated

First you want to keep everybody hydrated, specially the kids, and you know that sometimes it's hard to make them stop what they're doing to drink water, so the best solution for that is to Rent a Snow Cone Machine, these machines are extremely affordable and a lot of fun.  They are also super easy to operate so you do not need to hire an attendant, any responsible teenager or volunteer adult can handle it. Kids and adults love them and everybody will be around it until they've tried every single flavor.


  1. What do you guys do in the event of a bouncy house rental and it rains?

  2. Your Kids Birthday party ideas for summer are excellent and people can easily throw an amazing party for their kids.

  3. You have to throw an extraordinary party for your kids like using the inflatables. Yes inflatables!