Tuesday, November 30, 2010

House party rentals and ideas

If you are anything like me, you will probably be hosting a house party for your next kid's birthday.house party rentals
I love the freedom that having a party at my house gives me to do almost anything I want and not being time crunched for preparations, decorations or what's even worse, the party itself!

I like bouncing parties, I believe that the fun kids have is proportional to the exercise they have, the more active they are, the more fun the kids and the parents will have ( at least when the party is over, because the kids will be happy and worn out). So a great idea for house parties is to rent an inflatable, you can call them any way you want, moonwalks, bouncers, bouncy castle, jumpers, they all do the same, keep the kids entertained for hours while they jump and stretch and move some energy.

There are also inflatable for older kids, like the giant slides or backyard obstacle courses that can be set up almost anywhere and will certainly be the hit of the party.

If you are more adventurous, a rock climbing wall is my favorite bet, kids all ages, and I mean all ages including my husband and his pals always end up going up and down and playing racing games or looking for the best time up the wall.

Mini Golf is also a big hit, portable mini golfs can be set up indoor or outdoor so no worries if there is a sudden rain in the forecast, you can rent the holes separately or have the whole 9 hole set, again kids and adults will love this one.

For my teenager the best way to get together with his friends is to have (almost every Friday night lately) theslot car races, with 4 lanes and your timings kept by the computer makes it a really fun guys night in.

For girls a favorite is the Spin Art Machine, the good thing about this is that everybody gets to take a hand made work of art as a souvenir at the end

Of course if you are hosting a birthday party in your house, a fun way to add to the celebration is to have fun foods available, rent a popcorn machine, sno-cone machine or a Cotton Candy machine and let your guests make the food for themselves.

These are just a few ideas, but with a little imagination the possibilities for a fun house party are endless, and the best part.. you don't have to rush after just one hour to sing and cut the cake and then throw everybody out, in our house, parties last at least 4 hours, enough time to really reconnect with friends and enjoy every second without rushing.  Enjoy your party!

All of these games and party rentals are available in the Greater Houston Area through Extreme-Climbing

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