Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bouncer and Jumpers Safety Tips for your party

If you are planning a party or special event, inflatables and moonwalks are a great entertainment option; they are colorful, inexpensive, they can be set up almost anywhere and depending on the size and type (bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses) they work for almost every age group.
A bouncing party is always a big hit with kids all ages, but keep in mind a few safety tips that will make your event even more enjoyable and that will keep your guests happy.

  • - A bouncer is not a baby sitter, so don't leave the kids unattended, a responsible adult must be supervising it all times. 

  • - It is very important that you follow the weight and capacity limits on your bounce rentals, most bouncers will hold safely between 8-14 kids depending on the size, but make sure to check the specifications of your equipment and do not overload it

  • - No shoes, food or drink inside, this rule also applies to toys and foreign objects, specially the ones with sharp edges.  

  • - Keep the kids away of the blower and electric outlet. 

  • - Try to use the bouncer with similar age groups, if your party has a big range of ages, make them take turns from younger to older, that way you know the little ones won't get run over by the big kids. 

  • If its necessary, print a list of rules and post it next to the inflatable. Make sure every kid know the the rules beforehand and chances are you will have and incident free party that everybody is going to remember.
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