Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dunk Tank booths are always fun!

So I was recording one of my kids at the dunk tank booth while he was attempting to dunk a young boy scout in one of our dunking machines at their fundraiser in Bellaire, but his aim was not that good that day, so he was really not able to dunk him, and inside of me I was kind of getting worried at how he might take the disappointment.

But I love the fact that the kids from the boy scouts troop were in such a great mood for their event that even when the kids were not able to hit the target, they were giving them the opportunity to get close to the dunk tank and just dunk them by pressing the button.

A really sweet gesture, that I'm sure was thanked by many parents of young kids.
Kudos for the Houston Boy Scouts!

Here is the video...
As always I will let you know that you can get this dunk tank or any other rental for your event by calling us, emailing us or online by visiting our website, it is always an honor for us to be able to help at your celebrations

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