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Rock Climbing Wall for Parties in Houston

A lot of people call us to get a Rock Climbing Wall for their parties in Houston, and most of them have the same questions... like what is the right age for climbing, how many kids can climb at a time, what are the weight and age restrictions, can we set up on grass or pavement?

So that is why we decided to create a little post to answer those and other questions you might have about our Rock climbing walls, and please, if I miss one of your questions feel free to write it on the comments section and I will be happy to answer it for you.

Our Rock Walls are 24 Feet Tall

So, what is the right age for the rock wall? 
Usually kids are ready to climb it and go all the way up by the time they turn 5, now, with that said, I've seen kids as young as 3 getting all the way to the top, and on the other side, I've seen adults that barely make it half way up! If you are thinking to have the Rock wall as the main entertainment for your party I would say that kids 5 and older really enjoy it and will spend hours going up and down.

Do you need any previous experience or particular skills to climb the rock wall?
No, not previous experience and not particular skills are necessary, our walls are set up with 4 different levels, one for each lane, and they go from extremely easy, with plenty of rocks to hold on, to a more challenging lane, still easy enough for first timers to get all the way up and enjoy the climb. Our attendants are always on the look for the right level for each participant, so everybody enjoys it and have fun.

How many kids or participants can climb at a time?
Each one of our rock walls have 4 lanes and they can all be used at the same time, on average about 120 participants can climb the wall in one hour, that makes it a perfect rental not only for parties, but also for Festivals and Carnivals and it is also one of the most successful fund raisers booths at any event.

Are there Age and Weight restrictions?
The minimum age to climb is 3 and you cannot weigh more than 250 pounds to be able to climb. As with any other equipment or game that requires physical exercise, participants must be in good health and for obvious reasons not be scared, or would I say -not too scared- of heights.

Are there any restrictions as to where the Rock Wall can set up?
Our Rock Walls are attached to a trailer that lifts them up at set up time, so we can practically set up anywhere where you can drive a trailer, we have done it many times at parks, garages, on the street side, school patios and even indoors at gyms or arenas. All that is needed is an 8' x 16' flat footprint where we can drive to.

How long will it take to set up, will I be charged for the set up time?
It takes only 15 minutes for our staff to set up the wall and for it to be ready for your event, and you will not pay for set up or pick up time, only for the actual climbing time that you agreed at the time of your reservation.

How safe is it?
Good question! Our Mobile Climbing Rock Walls are the newest in the industry, every participant is securely strapped to a harness by one of our trained staff attendants and with the outo-belay system it allows you to climb at your own pace, without a spotter and then being safely returned to the ground by the most reliable fall arrest device.  in Extreme Climbing Party Rentals, we are fully insured, State inspected and we maintain our walls in top shape, inspecting them for each event and changing our steel cables every year no matter how much they are used.

Is it Fun?
Well, from our experience with thousands and thousands of people that have climb our portable rock walls I can say a definite YES!, but the best part is that this is a question that you can answer for yourself at your next event, and then you just have to let me know!

Now you have a better idea of how this Portable Rock Climbing Wall Rental goes, if you still have a question, please leave a comment, or even better, if you've climbed one before, share with us your experience, it is always fun an interesting to hear how it goes for different people.

I'm including a little video with pictures of some of our events so you can see why we think a Rock Wall is a great feature for your next kids birthday party, school festival, church function or special event.  And remember, we are here to help you make your event special, ask us as many questions as you want, even if they have nothing to do with the party rentals and equipment, we have done so many events in Houston, big and small that we are happy to share what we've learned, even if you don't get your rentals from us... Really!

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